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For any piece of my research that is not accessible to you via the links below, please feel free to contact me to obtain copies for research purposes.

Publications in refereed journals

Integration of Child Care and Education in Canada: A Comparison with Sweden, New Zealand, England and Wales

International Journal of Early Childhood
(2013) With Susan Colley

The Quality of Early Childhood Education and Care Services in Australia

(2013) Australasian Journal of Early Childhood. With Tayler, C., Ishimine, K., Cloney, D., and Thorpe, K.

The Nonprofit Advantage: Producing Quality In Thick And Thin Child Care Markets

(2009) Journal of Policy Analysis and Management. With Michael Krashinsky.

New Evidence About Child Care in Canada: Use Patterns, Affordability and Quality

(2008) IRPP Choices. Co-authored with Barry Forer, Douglas Hyatt, Christa Japel, and Michael Krashinsky.

Benefices et Couts des Centres de la Petite Enfance du Quebec

(2007) A chapter in Dix Ans Apres La Politique Familiale, Ou en Sont Les Centres De La Petite Enfance?

Child Care Subsidies and Welfare Reforms: What Works for Lone Parent Families?

(2003) Industrial Relations with Douglas Hyatt.


Child Care Workers’ Wages: New Evidence On Returns To Education, Experience, Job Tenure and Auspice

(2002) Journal of Population Economics  with Douglas Hyatt.

On the Edge: Single Mothers’ Employment and Child Care Arrangements for Young Children

(1996) Canadian Journal for Research in Early Childhood Education with Douglas Hyatt.

Child Care Costs and the Employment Decision of Women: Canadian Evidence.

(1996) Canadian Journal of Economics 29(1), pp. 132-151. with Morley Gunderson and Douglas Hyatt.

linkiconDeterminants of Child Care Choice: A Comparison of Results for Ontario and Quebec.

(1993) Canadian Journal of Regional Science  with Douglas Hyatt. [PDF]

Refereed books, book chapters, monographs, papers and proceedings


The Background and Current State of ECEC Policy in Australia: An Economist’s View

(2015) Thoughts after the Productivity Commission Report


The Economics of Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada.

(2012) Chapter in Recent Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada

Investing in Early Childhood Education and Care: The Economic Case.

(2010) Encylopedia entry in 3rd edition of International Encyclopedia of Education. With Michael Krashinsky.

pdficonChild Care Use and Child Development in Immigrant, Lone Mother, Rural, and Official Language Minority Families in Canada

(2010) With Barry Forer.

Fact and Fantasy: Eight Myths About Early Childhood Education and Care

(2003) With Mike Krashinsky.

Our Children’s Future: Child Care Policy in Canada.

(2001) Book edited jointly with Michael Krashinsky; papers from a symposium on child care organized by the editors.

The Benefits and Costs of Good Child Care: The Economic Rationale for Public Investment in Young Children – A Policy Study

(1998) With Michael Krashinsky.

Child Care, Social Assistance, and Work: Lone Mothers with Preschool Children.

(1996) with Douglas Hyatt

linkiconThe Effect of Price on the Choice of Child Care Arrangements

(1993) Proceedings from the Child Care Policy and Research Symposium, 1991, Kingston, Ontario. With Douglas Hyatt.

Economics and Child Care Policy

(1993) Proceedings from the Child Care Policy and Research Symposium, 1991, Kingston, Ontario.

Other publications

Family Policy and Preschool Child Care

(2004) Policy Options

The Future Role of Government in Supporting Early Childhood Education and Care in Ontario

(2003) Published as Research Paper #24 for the Panel on the Role of Government in Ontario with Susan Colley.


Financing ECEC Services in OECD Countries

(2004) A report to the OECD Directorate for Education with Michael Krashinsky.

Book Review: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Methods and Applications

(2001) In Canadian Journal of Nursing Research.


Tax Fairness for One-Earner and Two-Earner Families: An Examination of The Issues

(1999) A study for Canadian Policy Research Networks. With Michael Krashinsky.

Our Child Care Workforce: From Recognition to Remuneration: A Human Resource Study of Child Care in Canada: More Than a Labour of Love

with Jane Beach and Jane Bertrand (1998).

An Assessment of the Effect of Child Care Cost, Availability and Quality on Mothers’ Employment

(1994) with D. Hyatt.

Why We Want Good Child Care

(1992) for Action Day Care Background Paper Series #1.

Forecasting the Demand for Child Care Arrangements: A New Statistical Technique

(1991) A Handbook for Health and Welfare Canada.




Day Care Kit

(1982) The Day Care Research Group