In this section of the web site, we present the results of our own research.  In the future, we will also summarize and provide a guide to the work of others, and provide information about who is doing what kinds of ECEC research. If you are doing research in child care, please send us your name, discipline, and a description of research.   Send an e-mail to


girlwithartProfit/nonprofit project

This is a project funded by the Social Development Partnerships Program of Human Resources and Social Development Canada. This project has investigated the current and future role of non-profit organizations within the early learning and child care system in Canada. The project includes literature review, collection of information nationally and internationally, statistical analysis of data from the YBIC! data sets, and interviews with key informants.


Quality and compensation project

This is a project funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). It uses the You Bet I Care! data set, collected in 1998 to look at the determinants of quality and compensation of staff in full-day child care centres and regulated family home care in Canada. A description of the project and drafts of research papers are available through the buttons shown on this page. If you are doing related research or can think of research we should see, send us an e-mail at