The Twisted Logic of the Globe and Mail Editorial Board

Let me get this straight. 

  • On average, not-for-profit child care centres reliably deliver better care than for-profit ones.
  • In Canada, we need expansion of spaces as a high priority.
  • This expansion must be accompanied by financial accountability for public money, caps on fees, higher wages, and better quality for children.
  • Around the world, we have prominent experiences where for-profit child care corporations feast on public money without accountability, drive up fees much faster than inflation, and slash wages to enhance profit.
  • Therefore, in Canada, we must resist limitations on the growth of for-profit child care and allow more entrepreneurs to enter the market.

It’s nice when opinion columns are logical; many people think it’s a requirement of the genre.  But not so for the Globe and Mail.  Their most recent editorial about not-for-profit and for-profit child care is insightful, but completely illogical.